Dr. McKinney received her DVM in 1989 from MSU and has worked at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital since June of 2013. Prior to this she worked for many years in a small animal and equine practice and currently enjoys the variety of critical care cases and the exceptionally talented veterinary support staff here at AAAH. She was honored to accept the position of ER team leader in December 2013.

Dr. McKinney’s interest in veterinary medicine was piqued early in her life following a trip to Rochester’s Leader Dogs for the Blind School at the age of nine. To this day she continues to feel that veterinary medicine offers the best of all professions: the ever-evolving challenge of science and diagnosis, the hands-on creativity of surgery, and the opportunity to meet extraordinary pets and their owners.

Dr. McKinney, her husband and their two daughters share their home with five cats ranging in age from two to “came to live with us last century”. She enjoys long walks, a good book, a proper cup of tea, and thoughtful conversation with friends and family. She encourages pet owners to be active participants in the health of their furry family members. She stresses regular preventive care and having an awareness of what’s normal for your pet. “Our pets (especially cats) are adept at hiding illness or injury. Prompt veterinary care when something’s ‘not quite right’ can save a life.”

Dr Kerry McKinney

Kerry McKinney

Dr. Webster received her DVM from MSU-CVM in 1978. She has worked at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital for 11 years. Her particular areas of interest are emergency medicine, toy breeds, pocket pets, rescue, geriatric care and hospice. She was inspired to become a DVM by her hard working single mother. She says, “I was an only child and my mom was either working or in school, so my pets were my constant companions,” and her mother encouraged and supported her in caring for her pets appropriately.

Dr. Webster owns almost too many animals to count! She has a herd of Chihuahuas (three to be precise), one pug, two dachshunds, several cats, a flock of birds, a pot-bellied pig, a milk snake, and a flying squirrel. She and her husband have two grown daughters.

Dr. Webster enjoys the diversity of personalities and experiences provided by the dedicated professionals here at AAAH. She says that the commitment and sensitivity of the support staff is excellent; the warmth and empathy they provide to frightened and anxious clients and their pets makes a big difference when treating the animals! Dr. Webster would advise pet owners to “Take the time to be observant of your pet’s normal daily activities and behaviors. This will give you important insight into determining whether or not your pet may be ill.”

Dr Robin Webster

Robin Webster

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Dr. Corbett received his DVM from MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006, his MS from MSU in 2010, and started at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital in October, 2016. His areas of interest include internal medicine, gastrointestinal diseases and surgery.

Like so many other veterinarians, Dr. Corbett knew he wanted to care for animals from a young age: “I wanted to become a veterinarian since the time I was 8 years old and we took our dog Heidi to MSU for the first time. Never wavered from the goal.”

Dr. Corbett says that he came to work at the AAAH ER because of our reputation for providing the best care for our patients and allowing our veterinarians the opportunity to practice the highest quality of medicine. His co-workers have helped: “There is great teamwork here. Veterinarians work together to help one another and the support staff is fantastic.”

While not treating emergency cases here at the ER, Dr. Corbett takes care of many animals at home, including Roisin, an 8-year-old Husky mix; Leona, a 13-year-old DSH; Coconut, a 12-year-old Corgi/Beagle; and Morgan, a 1-year-old mixed breed “3-footed pirate dog”.

Dr. Corbett stresses that, “You know your pet better than anyone else. Any major variations from your pet’s routine behavior could indicate illness and should be reported to your veterinarian.”

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